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UFOs at Surprise Valley Hot Springs

Ever since we came to Surprise Valley we have been witnessing “Unidentified Lights.” Some are flying, some stationary, big and small, some colored, and many are white. We mostly see them in the evening around the hours of 7 to 11 p.m., although you may spot them at any time of the day or night. Sometimes they will appear to be a very bright star or planet, but if you watch long enough they will either disappear, explode, or start to move out of the valley. We have watched them swoop down into the valley in pairs. This tells us that there is intelligence involved.

The lights we see the most are the Orange Orbs. You can actually go to You Tube and type in Surprise Valley UFOs to see an example. The video is nothing compared to seeing one in person. Sometimes they will suddenly appear over the tops of the Warner Mountains, sometimes below the mountains, often times to the north and east of us. When the Ruby pipeline was being installed a group of about 20 individuals stood in our parking lot for more than an hour and a half watching orange orbs race up and down, turning on and off, enlarge and split into two. The Hays Range to the east is known for what we call “Little Red Tail Lights.” These typically move slowly to the north and are very, very small, intense red lights. They do not blink as they travel on up the valley. Usually after seeing a “tail light” you will within minutes see the orange orbs appear to the northeast. Sometimes we see bright white orbs that appear like a ping pong ball on a string as they literally bounce in an east-west diagonal direction. We have also seen lights on the ground and actually heard voices associated with them. Crazy? Right?? Three recent sightings have included low frequency, non-Doppler type rumblings which seem to originate in Nevada. When the sound comes it feels as if the ground is shaking.

So when you are relaxing in your hot tub, look up and you might see what we have seen. We are not putting these lights in a box. They are exactly what we are calling them, “Unidentified Flying Objects.” We do not know what they are. Until you see one in person, you will not really understand what we are seeing. Here is hoping that you get a UFO experience here at Surprise Valley Hot Springs or anywhere in this valley we call Surprise.

Here are two UFO YouTube Videos.

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