We put Guest Books in each of our Rooms... here’s what some of our guests have had to say...

“This is truly an incredibly beautiful place. ‘Surprise’ is an understatement. Hard to describe with mere words… you have to see it to believe it!” – L and V, Lake Almanor, CA

“Our first time to this most wonderfully relaxing place… heaven on earth! …The massage was great.. the tub was great… the perfect beginning and end to every day.” – Brenda, Texarkana, TX

“Being our third time here and for our second anniversary, this place is the 8th wonder of the world! Need I say more?” – S and Y, Tooele, UT

“Our third time here… this is our escape! If we could only stay here… this is where I find the peace I crave… God’s cathedral. I know we’ll be back soon.” – S and K, Susanville, CA

“What a wonderful gift from our kids for our 25th Anniversary! First time here,
and it was so relaxing, rejuvenating, not to mention ROMANTIC!” – M and D, Lakeview, OR

“We are so thankful to “discover” this wonderful and romantic place.” C&H British Columbia.

“Great to be back in our favorite room! We will be back.” B&J – Arcata, CA

“This was an anniversary gift and my wife doesn’t want to leave! From the bed filled with pillows to the bubbling coffee pot, from the wine glasses chilling in the fridge to the Almanac tucked hanging next to the potty… thank you for making this such a wonderfully amazing experience!” – D and P, Sacramento, CA

“We enjoyed our stay – the perfect antidote to our hectic lifestyle.” – D and D, Redding, CA

“Drive the Barrel Springs Backloop during the summer… it was a pristine real Nevada experience… it set the tone for our whole wonderful week here. We hiked and fished… what a paradise!” – J and L, Reno, NV

“Well, ‘Modoc Magic’ has struck again. We’re leaving today and I’m trying to figure out why. Thanks for providing some of the chemistry it takes to begin the process of ‘change’. Our 10th Anniversary was blessed by this place.” – P and D, Redding, CA

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